A freeware web page update monitoring program
by Colin Markwell
WebMon: Screenshots

Main window

The main window consists of a list of pages being monitored:

WebMon main window

The "Events guide" and "Web browser releases" sites have been updated.

The "Auction" site is currently being checked for updates (58% of the page has been downloaded).

There is a problem checking "Message board".

Update checking has been temporarily disabled for the "PC magazine latest issue" page.

The toolbar buttons allow you to add, modify and delete pages from the list. You can also check pages for updates on demand.

Help can be obtained by pressing the F1 key, or using the "Help" menu.

Adding a web page

To instruct WebMon to monitor a page for updates, specify its address:

Specifying a page's address

Specify how often you want the page to be automatically checked (from every minute to every thirty days):

Specifying how often a page is checked

Optionally specify which part of the page you want to check for updates:

Specifying the content to check

Here, only the blue text ("0.0.0.") is checked.

Update alerts

When an updated page is found, you can be alerted by a window appearing on the screen:

Pop-up alert

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