The 7 Top phones brands in the word

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Top mobile phone brands have revolutionized the world of smartphones and how people use phones today. There’s a dynamic change in consumer preferences with consumers going for the latest innovation and style. Specifically, a stylish look, quicker processors, high-resolution cameras and design, among others are what consumer’s need. Rising mobile companies and top brands are exploiting these options to distinguish themselves from their competitors. With the emergence of so many phones from various brands, it may prove hard to know which phone to buy. With ReviewsBird GB, you need not worry as you can look at reviews of various platforms offering phones and know which phone to go for. This article also gives a review of some of the top phone brands globally.


Having its headquarters in Samsung town in South Korea, Samsung mobile, engages in extensive R&D, to enhance its products’ capabilities. This has made it a market leader in the smartphone industry. The brand has extended its offerings from lower and mid-priced smartphones to the affluent segment high-end mobile phones. The Samsung Galaxy phone range is one of the company’s smartphones that has made it popular. Samsung’s flagship products are the Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy S7 edge+. The company has developed its smartphone the Tien OS an alternative to the Android-based smartphones. With an approximate market share of about 20%, Samsung is one of the global top mobile phone brands.


Having a big client base mainly because it provides superior features and design, Apple is a global brand and has penetrated about 22 countries with over 500 retail stores. Apple is renowned for its elegant and high specification, simple signature product the iPhone. Apple released its first-generation iPhone in 2007with its most recent iPhone model being the iPhone 12 pro. This latest model features an advanced three-lens camera and one of the smartest and most powerful chip ever.


Over the years, Oppo has launched a wide range of smartphones right from those targeting the low segment consumers to those targeting the affluent. Despite its late entrance in the smartphone market, Oppo still enjoys quite a robust brand presence. Some of the factors that have made Oppo a strong mobile phone brand includes smart branding and marketing campaigns coupled with product quality. The brand received massive attention and credibility in 2017 when it became the Indian cricket team’s official sponsor. The brand has got reputable distribution networks all over the world.


Huawei is a mobile phone brand that has been rated as one of the best innovations centres globally. The company also invest heavily in R&D it has its operations in over 170 countries and seeks to come up with its operating system. The brand played a major role in shaping the future of smartphone photography by introducing the world’s first Leica triple cameras, an innovation that has made Huawei distinguish itself as a top global mobile phone brand.


Lenovo has over the years strived and has had a global presence in more than 160 countries growing to one of the top mobile brands globally. Some of the renowned smartphones from Lenovo include Zuk series, A, P and K series and VIBE. The brand’s Tango smartphones are fitted with unique sensors to measure the contours in a room and track motion. It can also use augmented reality to measure the interiors of a building or an apartment.


LG is a brand that has been specifically famous for air conditioners and refrigerators. But the phones that the company offers are also greats and have great android features that have wooed clients. Some of the brand premium smartphones include the G-series, K-series, Flex, LG Tribute and Nexus. LG’s smartphones are known for high-speed autofocus, highly advanced camera features and noise reduction for better photography and calling.


This is the 8th biggest smartphone manufacture globally. The company’ flagship brands are Mi series and Redmi, which have gained the trust of millions of clients. By focusing on the latest technology and innovation, Xiaomi has created its brand’s value. The company has its footprints ins Brazil, China, Turkey, Asian countries and Singapore.

In conclusion, with the introduction of so many smartphones in the market, it can prove hard to know which one the best is to go for. However, with this article, you need not worry as the seven most reputable smartphone companies in the world have been reviewed. You can buy smartphones   from distributors and retailers such as Metrofone.

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