What should you know before repairing your phone?

Planning to repair your phone, but aren’t sure what to do beforehand? Looking for the best ways to start, so the process can go as smoothly as possible? Or are you simply curious about what you should know, should the opportunity present itself? Here’s a short guide on everything you may want to know. These tips apply to everything from iPhone X screen repair to finding and replacing the battery for your Samsung S8.

It’s on you to make it work

One of the harshest truths about this is that it all depends on you. That can be both a blessing and a curse, but with the right attitude, it’s more of an upside. It all comes down to whether you’ve got what it takes to go through a process carefully, with an eye for detail and a sharp mind, that’s able to follow detailed instructions. If the answer is yes, you most likely can carry out it all on your own!

iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement

Depending on the type of person you are, this can be freeing or terrifying. Or both! On one hand, the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get as you’re finished fixing something that was broken, knowing that this is a skill that is now in your possession, is intoxicating. On the other hand, if something goes awry during your iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement, you can’t point fingers at anyone or find too many excuses – after all, you’re the only one that’s responsible for it.


Repairing your phone counts as DIY, which most if not all warranties will not cover. That means that any damage to the phone will have to go directly out of your pocket. While enlisting the help of trusted repair centres will avoid this problem by continuing to support your phone even after they do their repairs, this will cost you a premium and might not cover all instances. For example, you will need AppleCare+ to cover most of the costs of iPhone XR screen replacement, otherwise, it will still cost you $199.


One of the most common mistakes possible in the process is starting the process without having all the tools at your disposal. Even worse, instead of getting them when necessary, replacing and improvising. Please don’t do that! It might lead to unforeseen consequences, such as a screw breaking or things not working together as intended. Before starting, make sure you’ve got all the recommended tools for the repairs, cross-referenced with multiple guides.

You will be working with extremely fragile equipment, such as S10 screens – make sure you know the tools you’re using.

iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement

Some phones require special screwdrivers, while others can be covered by your regular tools at home. Typically, the tools you’ll have at your disposal will be sufficient for the repairs, but if not – make sure to get the ones you’ll need before you need them.

Replacement parts

Make sure you get your parts from a vendor you can trust. One with a good reputation, plenty of experience and good customer support. Given that the replacement parts are delicate, you’d want a vendor that has a good return policy and can offer you another set without too much hassle.

In a similar vein, get the parts for your exact model, or the repairs may not work! Don’t skimp out or think something is good enough, as often, it’s not going to be as good as the original piece, intended for the device. Get the exact model and pay attention to details. For example, the iPhone 7 screen replacement parts are not interchangeable with the iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement parts!


iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement

In general, you will notice that you don’t need quite so many things for getting started, as you will need willpower and good knowledge. The only way to get started on the right foot is, primarily, to get started at all. The worst-case scenario here simply means going to the experts for repairs after all. Make sure you backup your data before you get started and follow the guide as well as possible, with as much video information as you can find! Good luck!

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